Research Groups

Funding research projects must go to research groups. Research groups are usually composed by highly qualified experts on different areas. The research group can address more effectively research problems, answer research questions and carry out more effective interventions. Therefore, it’s a priority to fund research groups that are composed by at least two experts.

Nonetheless, there is no national registry of such research groups. Thence, OpenCiencia and Coideso in collaboration with universities want to create a national registry that we can rely on. The aim is to identify these research groups and provide funding to them.

Moreover, we want university students to join the research groups in order to learn. In addition, we want university students to carry out their thesis project based on one of the research priorities that are given to the research groups. It is an unique experience to be guided by experts of a research group. Not only the student learns and gain experience but also real world issues are solved and it’s obtained a high quality research product. The key is to use this pragmatic and collaborative approach following the scientific rigor.

Are you a highly qualified expert willing to create a research group with at least two members and receive funding? Please register